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HYBRID Brushes with LOCT system

by Tucker
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Tucker® Brushes - Known as the worlds best window cleaning brushes since 1957!

NOTE: If your pole is equipped with the threaded gooseneck, you will need to upgrade it to the LOCT adjustable gooseneck sku T-GN-ADJ-LOCT.

The Tucker® Dual Trim Hybrid brush features premium nylon bristles and a dual trim design.

The bristles on the outer edge of the brush are slightly longer than the inner bristles. This allows for splaying out of the outer bristles into the corners of the windows while the inner bristles scrub away.

The addition of the boar bristle in the middle provides for extra scrubbing power while the nylon outer bristle provides a glide that other boar bristle brushes can't match.

This brush is extremely lightweight weighing in at only 10.4 ounces. Approximately 11" wide.

This Brush now comes with the new LOCT system from Tucker®. The LOCT system provides the perfect brush position every time. This first of its kind design offers 3 locking positions and a unique user experience when compared to threaded sockets or square locking sockets.

This is an incredible brush as an incredible price and will make for a great upgrade over anything you are currently using.

Select the jet configuration and size you need.

For Best in market rinse and scrub, try the Tucker Alpha Brush!

The Tucker Alpha Hybrid Water Fed Brush is the ultimate commercial window cleaning brush.  You won’t find another brush of this quality, with this many features at this price point any where else.

It includes an over the top rinse bar as well as our swiveling gooseneck.  This setup allows complete flexibility in cleaning to your specific style. You can choose to rinse directly through the 4 internal pencil jets, the over the top rinse bar, or using a Y-adapter you can use both at once.  The swiveling gooseneck allows the experienced professional to rock the brush back and forth on the surface of the window, while maintaining contact and rinse power. Available in 12" or 18".