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Nacho 50 G Metering Soft Wash System

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The best entry level metering (proportioner) system in the market. Our Softwashology line is made in the USA by SoftWash Systems, the inventor of the soft wash method and the global leader in soft wash equipment for over 30 years. SoftWash Systems is known for making the best quality equipment in the business, you can see and feel the quality difference.

You want high quality equipment to perform and be reliable for your business, we have the solutions in-stock and ready for you. Our huge stock allows our customers to get what they need when they need it without waiting for shipping from the USA, your time is money!

NACHO ordinary piece of soft equipment. A perfect and ideal setup for those who want to have metered (proportioner) technology and already have an existing water tank. Includes a 50-gallon bleach/SH tank, a soap stinger hose and a simple connect water tank hookup.

The NACHO, with metering technology, allows you to mix bleach/SH, soap, and water on the fly to achieve perfectly desired ratios without the hassle or waste of one batching.  Clean multiple varied surface types with the turn of a dial.  The NACHO consist of a rugged 2X thick walled 50-gallon bleach/SH tank, a soap stinger to draw from your jugs of soap, and a simple connect water hook up.  

Quiet 12-volt battery powered 5.5 GPM pump operating at 90 PSI to provide the most effective flow and spray pattern for soft washing and distances up to 40 feet.  Easy access On/Off toggle switch.  Soap stinger pulls at a consistent 2 oz/gallon. 

Protective battery box with leads and a 30 AMP inline fuse for easy connection (battery not included).  Stingray™ 12” U-Frame Hose Reel with 150 ft. 1/2-inch durable clear braid hose, and 316 Grade Stainless Steel through-put manifold.  Wand with on/off valve and tethered 6-shooter disk with two spray tips (00-20 and 40-20).  3-inch-high strength aluminum tank straps with graduated tank indicator offering you a multitude of mounting options for your truck, trailer, UTV, or cart. Pile the profits and start soft washing today with the NACHO. 


Bleach Tank: 50 Gallons
12 Volt Pump: 5 GPM
Operating Pressure: 90 PSI
Stingray Reel: 12" U-Frame
Spray Hose: 150 feet 1/2-inch clear braid
Spray Tips: 00-20 and 40-20
Soap Stinger Hose: 2 oz/gallon
Battery Box: Group 24
Total Weight: 112 lbs
Mounting Surface: L 40 inches (straps) x W 15 inches (tank)
Longest Point: 55.5 inches (control panel to battery bracket)
Widest Point: 30 inches (handle of hose reel to reel swivel)
Highest Point: 42.5 inches (bottom of tank to top of hose reel disk)