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High Flyer

by Wagtail
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The HIGH FLYER by Wagtail Cleaning Tools is the ultimate combination tool

The HIGH FLYER has been developed primarily for the rope access window cleaner. No need for two separate tools with effortless interchange between scrubber and squeegee to provide a better, faster clean.

Reduce strain while performing your cleaning tasks with the HIGH FLYER squeegee -  easily clean large windows from top to bottom. The double pivot of the HIGH FLYER squeegee makes it easier to maintain constant pressure on the glass while scrubbing top to bottom using either handle or pole.

Glide seamlessly across any window, even when the sun is in full force, the Glide Strips add lubrication while squeegeeing to reduce drag and enhance productivity and streak-free results.

The Wagtail HIGH FLYER is a premium multi-functional tool perfect for inside & outside windows. The HIGH FLYER is a squeegee and applicator in one tool, the superior quality fixed Microfibre Pad agitates the dirt and removes any tough spots while the squeegee leaves the surface dry and streak-free as the Glide Strips provides continuous glide.

Find the High Flyer replacement pads here: High Flyer Pads


Maintains lubrication - minimises drag & extends rubber life
Glide strips capture the water to minimise drips and provide extra lubrication
Glide across any window with speed & ease - even in full sun & wind

Allows fast, accurate edge detailing
Non-scratch, protective end clip
New design firmly holds rubber leaving clean edge
Optimal angle for accurately washing & squeegeeing corners

Provides consistent pressure on glass even at maximum reach
Easily closeout and get into deep framed edges

Multiple Award Winning Product Design Innovation
Dual Pivot allows flat mop to stay in contact with the glass at all times
Freely pivoting for cleaning at maximum speed
Scientifically proven ergonomic innovation - Reduces fatigue and common strain type injuries.
Further reach compared to fixed handle squeegees
Effortless to operate by hand and dramatically improves the ease and flexibility of working at any height on a pole
Consistently maintains optimal squeegeeing angle to the surface

Anodised Aluminium channel
Strong & Lightweight

Lock to engage squeegee

Robust, lightweight & comfortable
Convenient tie-off hole at end of handle for safe rope access cleaning

Superior double edge, All-weather use, Superior Glide, long-lasting, Renowned Wagtail Formula


Replacing Rubber

X marks the spot! The High Flyer features a quick and easy way to replace the squeegee rubber. Each of the End Clips are marked with x and -, simply pull the rubber out via the side of the tool with the End Clip marked and pull the new rubber in through the same side.


Combine with the Angle arm on a pole to achieve the perfect angle to the widow & clean various areas with ease and precision.


For best results only remove the microfibre pad to replace the pad. Wash the entire tool with the pad on and allow it to dry.  Do not leave immersed in water overnight.


*Longterm adhesion of the hook fastener to the aluminium or plastic is not guaranteed as individual conditions vary, ie. water temperature, chemicals used, etc.