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How to Gain Confidence for my new business?

How to Gain Confidence for my new business?

How to Overcome Doubt and the Fear of Failure.

Working is just Doing, and Getting Paid for it.

If you believe in your idea, just wanting it is not enough. Working for it is the key. Few endeavours can beat the feeling you feel after a hard day of work. Do you remember that feeling? You feel tired, but stronger, relieved, enabled, on top of the world, ecstatic...

How do you get the confidence to know that you will succeed in your business? Start with small wins. One step a a time.


The First time you are going to work in your new business:

Hit the streets.
Offer your services not based on profit, but price very low just to get the job. The first one. One job is all it takes. Charge the first job that you are prospecting, or cold calling, at 50 dollars for everything.  All exterior windows for only $50 bucks. I won't make money at 50 bucks, your inner voice says. Well the idea here is not to make the money, but to overcome the fear of not being able to do the work. The fear of not knowing if this business is going to work. That's why we have to get the first one out of the way.

So after that first one you start to gain the confidence in you knowing that you can do this work. It is possible. In fact, it wasn't really that hard. Try another couple jobs at only 50 bucks. Pretty soon the learning curve straightens out and you are ready and confident in fact that you can reach the going rates and start to earn what you deserve.

Gain confidence with the small steps. The small steps lead up the ladder to more profitable work. Once you have the confidence, you are on your way. At the end of that first day you will a sense of joy that you never felt before. You're on your way.

How to get the confidence? People often ask me how did I quit drinking alcohol 25 years ago? (Yes I was very addicted to alcohol. So much so that the doctor gave me 6 months to live if I had kept going as I had been). I tell them that the answer is simple. I just stopped drinking alcohol. Because it is a simple answer that does not mean it was not hard to do. But that is how YOU WILL start to gain your confidence as a business owner. You just start. Start with that one house. At a reduced rate , then another, and another, until you feel that you gain confidence in yourself and the idea that your business was created from.

After a few of these you will have crafted a pretty good script at the door to start getting work from customers. You will refine the script as you go. When you gain this confidence, you will realize in a split moment, that you now posess the skills to never be without an income, or money to support yourself or a family again. READ THAT LAST SENTENCE AGAIN. That's what confidence does for you.

There is no boss that can fire you at this point. It is all you. Confidence will change you. You will start to feel 10 feet tall. You will walk straighter, with your shoulders back. You will smile naturally. All will be right with the world. People will tell you something is different about you. That is what the confidence does for you. It will transform you into the business person you thought you could become, but may have been afraid of.

>And it won't take years of listening to Self Help Gurus giving you lists of five things to blah blah blah, or write morning pages, or writing down 20 things you are grateful for before you have a coffee, or listening to days of Tony Robbins audio books, or seasons of binge listening to business podcasts by Tim Ferriss and others.

Why am I writing these blogs? My hope is that by reading these blogs, and ideas, of tried and tested solutions for growing your business that you will gain the confidence you require to succeed bigly (as a current president would say) in your small business.

To your success,

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