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NXT-R Silver Edition

UGC 28018
par Moerman
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Introducing the special editions NXT-R Silver Edition rubber! This extreme weather perfomance grey rubber fits into all common channels and is designed for the window cleaning maestro who demands the very best.

Crafted with precision and built to last, the NXT-R Silver Edition offers an exceptional glide that transforms window cleaning into a symphony of effortless motion. With every swipe, the rubber performs like a finely-tuned instrument, allowing window cleaners to conduct their work with mastery and ease.

Our Silver Edition rubber features a natural vulcanised compound rubber, with long-lasting assets  that significantly enhances its durability.

Elevate your window cleaning experience to new heights with the NXT-R Silver Edition rubber, and enjoy the satisfaction of delivering a perfect performance through each extreme weather conditions – hot and cold.

  • Exclusive natural rubber compound (not silicone based!)
  • Special edition
  • Smooth glide - streak free finish
  • Excellent extreme weather performance (hot/cold)
  • Fits standard squeegee channels
  • Made in Europe